MHV Remanufactures Most Designs:

Oil sealed piston pumps (single, double, and triple piston), laser booster pumps, rotary vane pumps, blowers, booster pumps, roots blower packages, rotary lobe blowers, diffusion pumps, vacuum blower systems, vacuum pump and blower packages, ring jet, liquid ring, and others.

MHV Remanufactures Most OEM Brands:

Aerzen, Alcatel, Adixen, Stokes, Busch, Beach-Russ, Edwards, Kinney, Varian, Dresser Roots, CVC, Welch, Hull, Leybold, MD Blowers, Oerlikon, Tuthill, Varian, Rietschle, Trivac vacuum pumps and more.

  • Over 30 Years Vacuum Experience --on pumps and systems
  • Comprehensive teardown, inspection and report on pump condition
  • Guaranteed Quotation on all pump parts and labor required
  • Best Testing in the Vacuum business
  • Complete Leak and ultimate pressure testing
  • Thru-put testing on oil vapor booster pumps
  • Certified performance---- on all remanufactured pumps
  • 1-Year Warranty on all remanufactured pumps

Fast Turnaround:

  • Full Repair Parts Inventory Pistons
  • In-House CNC machining, welding and CAD/CAM facilities
  • Factory-trained technicians

tech_working_web.jpgSkilled MHV Technician Rebuilding Customer Vacuum Pump.

Since 1981, Metallurgical High Vacuum Corporation provides expert remanufacturing service on most brands of vacuum pumps and vacuum blowers.

Acids and particles were killing a heat treater customer's vacuum pumps. What did we do? Research their problem and propose they rebuild the vacuum pumps with "Smart Filters" that remove the acids and particles, and extend pump life. Result: $70,000 in savings over five years of operation!

Before & After MHV remanufacturing Stokes 412 pump

stokes_before_web.jpg   stokes_after_rebuild_web.jpg