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    High Vacuum Corporation - Since 1981

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    Quality High Vacuum Process Equipment Pump & Blower Re-manufacturing

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Welcome to MHV

High Quality MHV design and manufacturing goes into everything we do

MHV's experience and capabilities have allowed us to reverse engineer and find sources for parts and service repairs

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  • Beach - Russ RP 750 D Remanufacturing

    First in the process is dissasembly, inspection and measurement. A detailed quote is sent to the...


  • Laser Blower Remanufacturing

    Laser downtime is costly and production expenses can pile up fast while you wait for your blower...


  • MHV Made Parts

        Replacement Hinge Bars MHV manufactures replacement hinge-bars (Stokes), slide-pins (Kinney), and spacers...


  • Production Equipment List

    PUMP AND BLOWER TEST LAB Hookups For 3 Phase And 1 Phase Electric Power Up To 100 Amps. Starters To...


  • Vacuum Pump and Blower Remanufacturing

    MHV Remanufactures Most Designs: Oil sealed piston pumps (single, double, and triple piston),...


  • We couldn't afford cheap pump rebuilds. When we added all our expenses, they just cost too much.

    — Heat Treating Plant Manager
  • We compared our costs for maintenance, lost furnace production and shipping to those of a better pump rebuild that could last longer...We were way ahead even at the initial cost.

    — Plant Manager